The Elias Back Story

Upon completion of the Parthenon in Ancient Athens a noted Egyptian architect was invited by the proud Greeks responsible for itís design and construction to tour their magnificent creation. While on the roof of the great structure the Egyptian commented on the needless excessive cost of sculpting and finishing the backs of all the incredible marble statues ringing the top outer edge of the new Parthenon. The Egyptian told the Greeks that in Egypt they never wasted money finishing the backs of statuary mounted on buildings, he said; "after all no one can see the backs, who would know?" The Greeks together in one voice retorted; "WE would know!"

The spirit of our ancient Greek ancestors on that day mirrors our philosophy today regarding the back of our frames as well as the backs, bottoms and inside surfaces of all our castings. It would bother us to know that they are not also excellent.

Our unique bi-directional swivel backs, made of darkest green plush velvet hand wrapped cloth are found on our 2,000 and 3,000 series frames plus a few others. Our exclusive design, this back is usually paired with a black/white reversible mat to increase size and decorative versatility. For example; a 5x7 frame will be matted to accept a 4x6 photo or can be used without the mat to accommodate a 5x7 photo. It can also be used in either the vertical or horizontal positions by simply turning the swivel back. One frame, two photo sizes, two directions, two mat colors, too cool.


Our classic metal easel backed frames reflect our homage to the master European craftsmen of bygone eras. We combine a hand cut darkest green velvet cloth pad with a fine cast metal easel leg to create fully functional art. Designs and shapes vary according to frame style.

1671G 1933G 1726

Our hanging frames come ready to hang. No need to buy or add wire or a hanger, just add your photo or art and hang. We combine a hand cut darkest green velvet cloth back with pre-attached decorative cast metal hangers. Bi-directional where appropriate .

5042 1702G